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a reminder about b1a4 →

again: THEY ARE THE ONLY BAND ON THEIR LABEL. this means they came to seoul with NO successful labelmates on which to base trust in their company, no had NO famous sunbaes to promote them, WAY less money than most to spend on MVs (in the early days, they promoted wearing outfits designed and…

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myungsoo with a little girl during a fansign ಥ_

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there’s people that cover their mouths or try to make it look inconspicuous and then there’s this guy

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All IU cares about is food.

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exou in Boys Over Flower au
IU as Geum Jandi

Kai as Goo Junpyo (F4)
Luhan as Yoon Jihoo (F4)
Baekhyun as So Yijeong (F4)
Chen as Song Woobin (F4)

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